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Talk: The Separation of Church and State in Our Public Schools

Thursday, March 29th, 6:30-8pm, Ekstrom Library, Chao Auditorium
The Kentucky legislature has recently passed, or is considering, a number of bills that impinge on the separation of church and state in our public schools, and threaten the religious liberty of teachers and students. Join us for a panel discussion about the impact of last year’s Biblical literacy bill and the pending legislation requiring abstinence education and allowing tax credits for donations to private schools. Speakers will update us on these measures, their consequences for the public schools, and what parents and students can do to respond.
Speakers: Maggie Garrett (State Legislative Director, American United for Separation of Church and State), Heather Gatnarek (ACLU of Kentucky Legal Fellow), Morgan McGarvey (State Senator, District 19), Lisa Willner (Jefferson County Board of Education, Vice Chair).
Sponsored by Americans United for Separation of Church and State-Louisville Chapter, ACLU of Kentucky, UofL Cooperative Consortium for Transdisciplinary Social Justice Research, Secular Student Alliance (University of Louisville) ACLU of Kentucky – Brandeis School of Law Chapter.


“Recycle” Your Organics to win Black Gold in RecycleMania 2018!

You all have been doing such an amazing job at keeping waste on campus out of the landfill that UofL goes into the final week of RecycleMania 2018 ranking 21st in the entire country, with an overall diversion rate of over 55%!!

UofL Ranked 21st in last week of RecycleMania 2018.png

We are literally CRUSHING the competition (especially in Kentucky) and standing tall in the big leagues. Can we up our game and make it into the top 20 (or 15?!) before April and the end of the competition?!?!

You clearly know recycling…but much of our waste are organics like food, paper towels/tissues/napkins/plates, yard waste, and greasy pizza boxes, french fry trays, and other soiled cardboard items. Do you know how to “recycle” these organics?

When landfilled, organics turn into climate-changing methane (most or all of which is simply released to the atmosphere), and we and literally throwing away an extremely important resource – i.e. organic fertilizer.

The solution is composting. It might seem hidden to you because we don’t have collection bins in every corner of campus, but UofL does a lot of composting, too! And you can help us push that further. Organics are collected for composting in:

  • UofL dining (like behind the scenes at our Zero Waste dining hall, The Ville Grill);
  • The kitchens of all of our residence halls;
  • Campus Gardens; and
  •  At our volunteer-powered Community Composting Project which you can help us manage every Sunday 12-2pm. We accept your organics for recycling there and all volunteers are welcome to take home some “black gold” (compost) for their home gardens, indoor plants, trees, neighborhood projects, etc.

Contact: Brian Barnes, 502-338-1338,


Green Infrastructure & Sustainability at UofL

Monday, March 26th, 7pm, Bellarmine University (Hillary’s, 1st floor Treece Hall)
UofL’s Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives, Dr. Justin Mog, will be speaking about UofL’s green infrastructure projects at a public event organized by the Beargrass Creek Alliance and the Bellarmine University Rachel Carson Environmental Learning Community. Come get the inside scoop on how UofL’s management of storm water has evolved over the years.

Panama and Paradise Papers: The Inside Story

Monday, March 26th, 5:30pm, University Club
$20 Public, $10 Students, Free World Affairs Council Members
The release of the Panama and Paradise Papers in 2015 constituted the largest coordinated act of investigative journalism ever undertaken. A team of 400 hundred international journalists, led by two German investigative reporters, spent a year uncovering the world’s widest-reaching corruption scheme, one connected to heads of state, politicians, businessmen, big banks, the mafia, diamond miners, art dealers, and celebrities, implicating figures ranging from Vladimir Putin to businesses right here in Kentucky. It was a monumental and dangerous task, a real life international thriller that put the lives and careers of its participants at risk. Join us as Frederik Obermaier, one of the two lead initiators and coordinators of the leak, tells his story. Copies of Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer’s book, The Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How the Rich and Powerful Hide Their Money, will be available for sale and a book signing during the event. Register here.
Thanks to a generous donation by the William E. Barth Foundation, we are now able to provide a limited number of complimentary tickets for students who wish to attend WAC’s World at Home speaker series. To enter our lottery for a free ticket, please complete this form.

We Are Kentucky: Throwback Thursday!


We Are Kentucky: Throwback Thursday
Thursday, March 22nd, 8am-1pm, State Capitol (700 Capital Ave, Frankfort, KY)
#TBT host, Students for Reproductive Freedom, join the ACLU of Kentucky, Planned Parenthood Advocates, the Kentucky Health Justice Network, and the reproductive rights alliance for Throwback Thursdays this legislative session. Every Thursday, different organizations from around the Commonwealth are showing a strong commitment to reproductive rights by keeping the pressure on lawmakers. Now, more than ever defenders of reproductive rights need rise up and show the General Assembly that #WeAreKY and #WeWillNotGoBack

Bettie Johnson Hall wins GOLD in Ecolympics 2018!

Ecolympics 2018 Final Results
As a part of Ecolympics 2018, UofL competed in the Campus Conservation Nationals from February 11 to March 4, 2018. Thanks to the creative and dedicated conservation efforts of residents, electricity consumption dropped 2.05% across all eight residence halls in the competition. This represents a total savings of 3,135 kilowatt-hours of electricity. According to the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, this equates to:

  • 2.3 tons of carbon emissions kept out of our atmosphere; or
  • The emissions from driving an average car 5,718 miles; or
  • The carbon pollution from burning 2,553 pounds of coal; or
  • The emissions avoided by replacing 78 incandescent bulbs with LEDs; or
  • The amount of carbon that 2.7 acres of forest in the U.S. pull out of the atmosphere each year.

All but two of the halls in the competition were able to reduce electricity consumption over the three weeks:

  1. Bettie Johnson Hall reduced 19.9%
  2. Louisville Hall reduced 6.5%
  3. Threlkeld Hall reduced 6.3%
  4. Unitas Tower reduced 5.1%
  5. Billy Minardi Hall reduced 4%
  6. Miller Hall reduced 3%

Congratulations to Bettie Johnson Hall for winning the Gold Medal in Ecolympics for the third year in a row!!

RecycleMania LogoEcolympics 2018 continues through March 31st, with the conclusion of RecycleMania!

The individual who takes the most sustainable actions and posts them with #ULEcolympics2018 by 3/31 will win a new bike! Full details here.

Ecolympics 2018 Bike Prize

Urban Studies Garden Rebuild Workdays Wednesday and Thursday of this Week!


Urban Studies Garden Rebuild Workdays
Wednesday & Thursday, March 7-8, 9am-noon, Urban Studies Garden (426 W. Bloom St.)
Come help us rebuild and restore the three raised bed garden boxes which have rotted out over the years at the Urban & Public Affairs Horticulture Zone. We need plenty of hands to help us move soil and rebuild the boxes. It will be all-hands-on-deck to help get us ready for the spring growing season! No experience necessary. Tools provided.

Bettie Johnson Hall is crushing it in Ecolympics!

Going into the final days of the energy challenge, Bettie Johnson Hall residents are destroying the conservation competition with an 18.6% reduction in electricity use! Threlkeld & Louisville Halls are battling it out for silver at around 5% reduction, and Unitas is in 4th place. Save energy & post your actions with #ULEcolympics2018 – the resident with the most actions wins a new bike!Ecolympics Standings 2-28-18
Full details on our website.

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