Louisville Water Company - Crescent Hill Reservoir
As we move into the summertime period of heat and drought, we are reminded of the importance of conserving water on campus and at home. Simple steps to conserve water include:

  • Not watering lawns & gardens in the middle of the day (do it early morning or in the evening);Home Rain Barrels (Mog)
  • Checking soil moisture to make sure irrigation is actually needed before opening the tap;
  • Adjusting irrigation sprinklers to ensure water is not spraying on sidewalks and pavements;
  • Not using your hose to do the work of a broom or rake;
  • Shutting the tap while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing dishes;
  • Taking shorter showers and avoiding water-hogging baths;
  • Installing rain barrels and using them for outdoor cleaning and watering; and
  • Immediately reporting leaky valves and pipes at UofL to Physical Plant for repair. Report Leaks to Physical Plant at 852-6241 or online.

Keep in mind, too, that your efforts to conserve water will also help reduce utility bills and the use of energy and chemicals needed to pump & treat water.

More Ways To Save.