It’s pesto time!! The basil is abundant in UofL’s Garden Commons! Come by and enjoy some…and when you do, take a moment to pluck off the seed heads that are starting to form as the plant begins to bolt. (Caution: This will make your fingers smell delicious!! 🙂 These are great for saving seed for next year, but at this time of year, we want the plants to put more energy into making leaves instead of flowers and seeds.

Thanks to everyone who came out to today’s UofL Garden Commons workday! Please join us again next Monday (and every Monday) at noon. The garden is looking great with many things ready to harvest (leeks, beets, basil & many herbs, and a few of the peaches, peppers, and tomatoes), and many more well on their way (next week should be peak for peaches, tomatoes & peppers will continue to ripen, and eggplant and watermelon still have a few weeks to go). Next week, we’ll plant the very last raised bed with green beans!

Things are looking very pollinator-friendly…and delicious over at UofL’s Urban & Public Affairs garden (426 W Bloom St), too! The maypop (N.American passion fruit) flowers are stunning right now and the fruits are just starting to swell up. Tomatoes are also ripening and there’s some of the most beautiful kale and flowers I’ve seen! Recent storms have also knocked down some of the first apples of the season, so check around in the undergrowth beneath the big apple tree for early pie-makings!!