Summer travel season is here, but there are better ways to get there without destroying our planet! Catching a flight for even relatively short distances has become a common, everyday choice for many. But flying causes 5-10 times more pollution per passenger-mile than ground-based options!

Flying also puts the greenhouse gas emissions high up in our atmosphere, where they persist longer and have a greater impact on global climate disruption – a phenomenon known as “radiative forcing.”

As more and more of our campus community choose flights for business, conferences, recruiting, study abroad, etc. the emissions are really piling up. Indeed, flying now accounts for 8% of UofL’s total carbon footprint!

UofL Greenhouse Gas Emissions Sources 2016This year, consider greener, less sardine-like options that don’t involve the incivility of suspicious TSA agents and mandatory shoe removal! Try a better way! Consider a video- or teleconference – maybe you don’t need to sustainabilitytravel at all! Share a ride with others in a carpool. You can easily setup carpools, find Louisville’s inter-city connections and explore all your options for getting around with Cardinal Directions!

Or enjoy the novelty and sanity of taking the train or bus. Megabus, Miller & Greyhound all serve downtown Louisville directly, and you can catch the Amtrak train as close by as Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or St. Louis.


  • Greyhound offers connections from Louisville (720 W Muhammad Ali Blvd.) to over 3,000 cities throughout North America with free wi-fi and at-seat plug ins. Book here.
    Megabus offers low-cost express service from Louisville (southwest corner of W Liberty St and S 5th St.) to over 120 cities across North America for as low as $1 with free wi-fi, at-seat plug ins, and panoramic windows. Daily southbound departures from downtown Louisville for Nashville and northbound departures for Indianapolis/Chicago. Book here.
    Miller Transportation offers direct daily bus service to Frankfort and Lexington on coaches equipped with wi-fi and at-seat plug ins from downtown at 720 W Muhammad Ali Blvd. You can also catch a Miller bus to cities and towns throughout Kentucky (including Fulton, Marion, Mayfield, Morganfield, Owensboro, Paducah, and Sturgis), Indiana, Tennessee, and Ohio, as well as Campus Connector service with stops at Indiana University, IUPUI, Ball State, Indiana State University, Vincennes University, Valparaiso University and Ohio State University. Book here.
  • Take the Train!
    Efficient, comfortable Amtrak trains depart from Indianapolis (north/west-bound) and Cincinnati (east-bound), and you can book bus connector service to/from Louisville directly through Amtrak. UofL employees can easily book Amtrak trips through Anthony Travel, just click on the train tab in the Concur booking portal.

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If you must fly, offset your emissions through a service such as Carbon Footprint Ltd, Native Energy, CarbonFund, TerraPass, or for free (through commissions) with UCapture.

More details on Alternatives to Flying here.