squarecardadnewEcolympics 2017 is entering the final stretch!

Your last chance to conserve energy and push your residence hall into first place is this weekend!

It’s all over on Monday!

Join The National Day Of Unplugging – March 3-4 2017To help your hall win and to help yourself stay sane, why not take a pledge for mindfulness & conservation by joining the National Day of Unplugging?

During this 24-hourr period – from sundown Friday, March 3rd to sundown Saturday, March 4th – you are encouraged to unplug, unwind, relax, reflect, get outside, and reconnect with friends and loved ones in person.

It’s all about unplugging both literally (i.e. yank all the plugs out of the wall!) and mentally (i.e. get offline and enjoy a Tech Sabbath, an adaptation of our ancestors’ ritual of carving out one day per week to JUST BE. No technology. No screen time. No social media. No internet. No email, texting, or tweeting. Just take one day to live OFFLINE, in the physical world, face-to-face. It will do wonders for your mental health and for our planet’s health.

After it’s all over, you’re encouraged to post photos and thoughts about your Day of Unplugging to social media using the hashtag #ULecolympics2017 and tag @uoflsustainable.



  • The UofL residence hall which cuts electricity use the most will win a specially catered dinner and a Green Renovation project for the hall!
  • Individual prizes will be given out to residents who take steps to reduce their footprint! The greenest resident of 2017 will win a bicycle! To be in the running for prizes, you must post photos of yourself taking action!…even if your “action” is as simple as unplugging for 24-hours this weekend!


Track of each hall’s progress with UofL’s Building Dashboard! Click on the links below to see how much electricity your hall is using and to make a commitment to conserve!