New data from NASA suggests that melting ice sheets and depleting aquifers have dramatically shifted the Earth’s axis! Check out this article for more information!

Disturbing, right?! What can YOU do to ‘right this ship of Earth’? We need to take both collective and individual action to change our troubled relationship with the planet. It’s Ecolympics 2017, so why not start today by taking steps to reduce your carbon emissions and help keep those ice sheets from melting?

All you have to do is stop wasting energy!

  • Turn off lights/TVs/computers…anything you’re not really using
  • Unplug anything you’re not actively using (especially empty refrigerators, TVs, and chargers)
  • Skip the elevator for the stairs (do you want to burn the planet or some calories?)
  • Close windows tightly (don’t heat the outside!)
  • Dry clothes on a rack or line instead of using energy-hogging dryers
  • Take quick showers or shower with solar power at the SRC!
  • Drive less or not at all (walk, bike, take the bus or get in on a carpool – discover how with Cardinal Directions)
  • Shop and eat local
  • Refill your bottle with Louisville’s award-winning tap water and ditch bottled water forever
  • Make a personal commitment to reduce and keep track of each hall’s progress with UofL’s Building Dashboard! Click on the links below to see how much electricity your hall is using and to make a commitment to conserve!
  1. Bettie Johnson Hall Join The National Day Of Unplugging – March 3-4 2017
  2. Billy Minardi Hall
  3. Community Park (real-time!)
  4. Kurz Hall (real-time!)
  5. Louisville Hall (real-time!)
  6. Miller Hall
  7. Threlkeld Hall
  8. Unitas Hall (real-time!)
  9. University Tower Apartments (UTA)


  • The UofL residence hall which cuts electricity use the most will win a specially catered dinner and a Green Renovation project for the hall!
  • Individual prizes will be given out to residents who take steps to reduce their footprint! The greenest resident of 2017 will win a $400 bike shopping spree! To be in the running for prizes, you must post photos of yourself taking action! Simply post your photos to social media using the hashtag #ULecolympics2017 and tag @uoflsustainable