Ensuring our planetary future is a monumental task, but sometimes getting started can be as simple as changing your search engine!

Ecosia is a new search engine that plants trees with all of their ad revenue! Meaning… the more you use Ecosia as your search engine, the more trees are planted around the world!

How does it work? Simply, search the web with Ecosia and the resulting search ads that you see will generate income that Ecosia uses to plants trees!

Currently, Ecosia has over 3 million users and has planted over 6 million trees! That is a HUGE environmentally positive impact you can make simply by searching the web!

Google Chrome is working with Ecosia and allows you to add Ecosia as a free browser extension that can become your default search engine in Chrome! Same thing for Firefox.

Just go to https://www.ecosia.org/ to make Ecosia your default search Engine!

Ecosia even lets you see how many trees you have personally helped to plant! Go ahead and add this as your search engine and begin to reforest our denuded planet with the click of your mouse!