It seems like students nowadays spend most of their time on social media. That is why Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and this Blog are such great ways to promote Sustainability! But…. constant use of social media can have some significant drawbacks. So… UofL’s Council of Sustainability has decided to “unplug” from now until 2017! Check back in with our social media in January 2017 to find out about all UofL’s upcoming Sustainability initiatives!

We encourage our followers to try unplugging as well! Here are some lesser known benefits to taking breaks from all things technology…

  1. Energy Bill Savings! The average computer left plugged in all day will cost you at least $50 a year. Electronic machines and phones left on standby account for 5-10% of your energy bill!
  2. Increase Awareness of Your Surroundings! Without the distraction of social media, you may begin to notice small details in people, things and places that you never really noticed before.
  3. Reduced Body Pain! Ever heard of “text neck” It describes the strain you put on your neck and spine from glaring down at your smartphone or computer monitor for so long. 
  4. Better Quality of Sleep! The human circadian rhythm depends on darkness to prepare for sleep, which can be disrupted by light-emitting devices. You’ll be doing your body a huge favor by unplugging completely at least an hour before bed.
  5. Improved Memory Rentention and Mood! Even just unplugging for a day once a week is enough to give your brain a reboot, which can improve your memory and lift your mood

All of these fun facts and more come from Care2’s “7 Unexpected Benefits of Unplugging from Technology.