Now that Christmas is over everyone is looking towards the New Year! But… are your new years resolutions ~Sustainable~ ? 

If you’re at a loss for finding a ~Sustainable~ New Years Resolution, heres a quick list of some green resolutions! 

Eat Less Meat! (Eating less meat is one of the fastest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save water/energy!)

Eat Seasonal and Local Fruits and Vegetables! (While you may want to eat strawberries in the winter, they were probably imported from miles away or grown in an energy-hungry green house!)

Use Public Transportation More! 

Keep Your Electronics For A Year! (The consumption of electronics is setting new records and you can help reduce its energy use by sticking with your same Iphone all year!)

Convince At Least 3 People to sign up with GreenPeace! (If those three people then convince three more people next year and so on, we will grow a movement capable of protecting our planet – and the resolutions above will become a no brainer for everyone!!)