Two excellent UofL Sustainability Courses for Spring 2017 with registration spaces still available:

CJ 596-76 Seminar: Social & Restorative Justice (**NEW!**)
Th 5:30-8:15pm / 3 cr. / Professor Cherie Dawson-Edwards
This course will link social justice and criminology while considering the causes of harm. Assumptions about crime and justice will be examined by comparing and contrasting retributive and restorative justice paradigms. Students will be asked to think critically about our current justice system as well as a social justice response to crime and harm. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

PSYC 414-02/WR: Mindfulness and Sustainability
Tu/Th 2:00-3:15pm / 3 cr. / Professors Paul Salmon & Russell Barnett
dscn0228This class will focus on environmental action and how our understanding of the science of human behavior can contribute to sustainability. It is well established that human behavior underlies almost all environmental problems. Most people report that they want to live in a way that treats the ecosystem within which we live with care and respect, yet engage in daily behaviors that have negative environmental impacts. In this class we will address why it is so difficult for us to change our behaviors and act upon our environmental concerns. There are many reasons for this, but one major idea that is gaining traction is that we are becoming increasingly dissociated or disconnected from our surroundings and the natural world. We will discuss various approaches to behavior change, within the context of a central organizational perspective of mindfulness, a meditation-based approach emphasizing cultivating attention in everyday life. We will experience and explore the practice of mindfulness and learn about how it can support more sustainable personal behaviors, in large measure by helping us pay more attention to our surroundings, and be less dissociated from them. We will explore ways to apply environmental psychology paradigms and theories to community behavioral change with a particular focus on public awareness and other methods to develop behavior change proposals for the university community. A portion of the work in this course will be done in a collaborative manner.