Invasive Plant Removal! Saturday, November 12!

Wildlife Lovers: Join Us to Eliminate Invasive Plants!

Help remove bush honeysuckle and wintercreeper from the site of Waterfront Botanical Gardens along Beargrass Creek.

 This work will make way for pollinators (bees and butterflies), as well as birds, bats, fish, frogs and all wildlife.

 Date: Saturday, Nov.12

Time: 9:30 am

Place: Park at Karen Lynch Park on the corner of Brownsboro Rd. and Story Ave., then we will walk to Waterfront Botanical Gardens.

Agenda: Remove bush honeysuckle and wintercreeper.

Sponsored by: Wild Ones Louisville and Kentucky Waterways Alliance.

 For more information:

Phone: (502)509-1094.




Kentucky scientists agree…

Invasive plant species out-compete native plants and harm Kentucky ecosystems. We must eliminate invasive species and let natives grow. Native plants benefit pollinators, birds, fish, frogs and all wildlife. For example, bush honeysuckle spreads toxins and chokes out tree seedlings, ferns, native flowers, etc. Nothing can grow underneath it, so it takes over. But we will remove it, so native wildflowers, ferns and trees can grow back in.

 Join us for this important work!!