The University of Louisville continues to encourage students and faculty to help foster a sustainable campus lifestyle by making commitments to GO GREEN!

Few people know just how easy it is to GO GREEN! Simple at-home and on-campus actions can be taken each day to help be green and increase environmental sustainability.  

Without knowing so, you probably already do many things that help move our society towards more sustainable living! Turning off your lights when you leave your apartment, printing on both sides of the paper, and using reusable mugs instead of water bottles are only a few examples of easy, everyday ways to stay GREEN. 

The University of Louisville has created a Cards Go Green Pledge that details many simple but helpful means of GOING GREEN. Check out this pledge and see how sustainable you already are! Check off three green tasks on the pledge that you want to start doing! Pin the pledge to your fridge or slip it in your backpack for an everyday reminder!

In terms of sustainability, a little can go a long way! By taking this pledge, you are pledging to become part of the solution!