For the very first time, bottled water is expected to outsell soft drinks in the United States this year! That means more people are buying bottled water than they are Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, and all the others combined!

Why are so many people paying so much money for a product they can get for FREE from any tap? Especially here in Louisville, where our tap water is remarkably safe and delicious, having won national taste-testing awards! #BackToTheTap

How do all of these water bottles affect the planet? And what about all the fossil fuels and carbon emissions required to package and ship that bottle of water to you? What’s your personal plastic habit doing to the Earth? How does your use of plastic compare to other Americans?

The New York Times recently published a quiz to help you find out! Take a moment to fill this quick and easy quiz out to find out just how much damage your use of plastic is to our environment!

Then take a moment to make a commitment to yourself and to our global future: I will never buy, request, or accept bottled water again. I will refill my bottle and rehydrate with local tap water instead of somebody else’s water which has been pumped, packaged, and shipped all over the planet. Enough is enough.