Did you know that UofL has a Car-Share program where you can borrow from a fleet of fuel efficient vehicles just by paying a low hourly rate? The vehicles are parked at several locations around Belknap campus and now downtown at UofL’s Health Sciences Center.

enterprise-carshare-banner-imageUofL CarShare is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license, including members of the public. You can reserve a specific car online whenever you need it for any personal or professional purpose. Instead of having to buy, maintain, clean, insure, and fuel your own car, you save money by paying a low hourly rate that includes gas, insurance, cleaning, and maintenance!

UofL CarShare is running a special fall promotion that allows all new members to join for just $1 and access the vehicles for a discounted rate of just $5/hour!

Find out more information and start reserving a car whenever you need it at the UofL CarShare website.

You can also find our CarShare locations on UofL’s new trip-planning and carpool-matching system, Cardinal Directions!