As summer is in full swing, my time as the communications intern with the University of Louisville sustainability council is coming to an end as I will be travelling to study abroad in Costa Rica.  In the past nine months, I have had an unforgettable experience as an intern.  When I first spotted the job posting back in August, I was intrigued.  My recent major change to marketing encouraged me to apply and, after an interview, I landed the job!  In all honesty, I was nervous to begin the job at first. My background with sustainability simply reached to buying local foods, being food conscientious, .limiting my meat intake, recycling, and reusing. Along with this, I had just started the breadth classes for my major and, with limited guidance, I had no clue how the job would go.  When I first started the job, I didn’t fully understand the meaning behind “sustainability”.  It is so much more than just taking care of our Earth. It is more than reducing, reusing, and recycling as I first learned in first grade. Sustainability reaches to essentially every aspect of living.  The misconception I had that it only encompassed environmental aspects soon changed. I met Justin Mog and many other people involved with the council who quickly taught me more.  Sustainability is also about the social and economical impacts that are made on this world.  If I were to sum it up in one sentence it would be this: Sustainability is the ability to use all resources on this Earth wisely while taking into account all aspects of life and being conscious of decisions that could effect the future of the planet.

Everyone looks at sustainability differently and may give it a different definition. Regardless of how each of us looks at it, my time with the council has allowed me to develop a new grasp on the concept which has made me more self-aware of making sustainable choices.  My challenge to learn more about sustainability, to develop social media content, and to direct my own projects has allowed me to grow in knowledge and creativity.  I learned new social media approaches, a little bit about video making, how to write a newspaper article, and how to develop fliers.  I have done a little bit of everything all while having fun and attending sustainability events which have been an absolute blast!  I encourage everyone to do their best to make their sustainable mark and teach their family and friends to do the same. I want to extend a huge thanks to Justin Mog, Nicholas Paliewicz, Joy Hart, the UofL department of communications, Brian Barnes, and all of the other council members for a great year of many successes!  Without them, the University of Louisville would not be recognized as such a s sustainable campus and that strives for more each day.  I am excited to see all of the great plans for the future unwind as the council continues to push for more efforts.

Caroline Miller