Making UofL more affordable is a key goal of the University of Louisville Sustainability Council. We are not interested in merely “greening the ivory tower”!

There is certainly still plenty of work to be done on multiple fronts to increase affordability:

  • Cutting costs through reducing waste on campus (whether it’s energy, water, solid waste, purchases, or even the time/potential of our employees);
  • Advocating for INCREASED state support for higher education (rather than year after year of cuts);
  • Helping connect students with scholarships.

Despite the challenges facing UofL to increase affordability, we were delighted to see this story confirming that at least we are still doing better than average:

Blog: UofL below national average in grads with debt (UofL News, June 9, 2016)

The article makes two points worthy of highlighting:

57% of UofL’s 2015 baccalaureate degree recipients had debt
$27,281 is the average debt of the UofL grads who had debt

Both of those numbers for UofL graduates are well below the national average. According to an analysis of government data by edvisors, about 70 percent of 2015 college graduates left school with debt, the average debt being roughly $35,000.”

We’ve still got a lot of important work to do, but take a moment to celebrate our above average performance in terms of keeping down student debt.