There’s a misconception across campus among many students that those recycle bins on campus are just for “show” and that all our waste goes to the same place.  Nothing could be further from the truth. What you toss in a landfill can on campus will definitely go to the landfill, but what you put in a recycling bin at UofL will be diverted to the sorting facility just south of campus run by our partners at QRS Recycling. You can see videos here and photos here of a recent trip to QRS to follow UofL’s bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard through the sorting process.

QRS is committed to offering our campus with single-stream recycling. Their services help make it extremely convenient for us, saving students time, while cutting costs, and saving natural resources.  Essentially the “single-stream” recycling system allows us as students, faculty, and staff to throw away all recyclables in the same bins and QRS will do all of the sorting to make everything on our end much easier and time efficient. Any type of plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, and glass are accepted.

So, the next time you have an item you need to dispose of, think about whether or not it can be recycled because chances are that it can. Check out the full list from QRS here. Our bins are NOT just for show but they truly do help us save resources and reduce our impact on the planet, one piece of trash at a time.

Finally, here’s a call to action. Go watch this short video on single-stream recycling.

Remember that Recyclemania is going on until April 2nd and that by recycling your items you are helping contribute to the total weight of how much we have kept from going to waste in a landfill–the more the merrier!