Chances are that, as a student of the University of Louisville, you have seen students, faculty, staff, and even the Jimmy John’s worker ride their bikes near and far to get to class, deliver sandwiches, and be overall completely awesome.  New bike lanes are popping up on the roads and Louisville is starting to become a city where people are wanting to commute with their bikes.  In a previous post, I mentioned the many benefits of biking.  It is cheaper and can help improve your health, as well!

But what if you don’t have a bike?  What if you want to take a trip to the park with your friend and you want to do something other than walking?  Well- have no fear- UofL’s bike share program is here and it has expanded!  The program started small and has grown with increased popularity. Initially bikes were only available at a few places on campus, but now you can check-out these shiny two-wheeled vehicles all across campus FOR FREE!

Simply present your UofL ID at the following locations and you can get a free bike and lock to check out for the day.

  • Student Rec Center
  • Get Healthy Now Wellness Center
  • Community Park
  • Kurz Hall
  • Bettie Johnson Hall
  • Louisville Hall
  • Threlkheld Hall
  • Miller Hall
  • Unitas Tower
  • University Tower Apartments
  • Medical Dental Apartments (Downtown at HSC)

It’s that easy. Now you, too, can be just as awesome as the Jimmy John’s bike delivery people. You won’t regret ditching your car and getting a bike through this free program!

For more information go here and, as always, thanks for being green.

Comment below where your favorite place to bike ride is!