Let me first start this blog post by reminding you of our mission at the University of Louisville. We want to create a campus environment that paves a path for the future so that our students can graduate to a life of sustainable prosperity rather than ecological, social and financial ruin. We want to build a green foundation for students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community.  Events such as our Ecolympics competition encourage the kinds of behavior necessary to bring about such a bright, green future. Ecolympics is a resident-hall wide competition and it ends on March 6th. 

It’s time for you, as a resident, to feel the need to want to win. It’s time for you to start contributing by performing small actions like turning off the lights, using less water when brushing your teeth, hanging clothes to dry, or taking the stairs.  These small steps mean big things.  I know that these things are hard to put into perspective. You may be thinking, “What difference does this make?”  It is hard to understand exactly what direction our planet is headed towards. It only requires a little effort and education on your end to help out mother nature.

Leonardo DiCaprio was able to highlight our destructive tendency to take the Earth for granted in his Oscar speech last night. At 1:58 in the video, he begins to talk about how humans are the cause of global warming and will suffer the most from its ill effects.  His simple statements show us how easy this concept is to understand. Don’t make it complicated– use less, walk more, and help save the future from more harm.  And maybe, if you go green…you might get the gold just as DiCaprio did.

Remember to use the #ULecolympics2016 on social media! Share your green initiatives for chances to win great prizes! Check out if your hall is in the lead at the dashboard right here!