Ecolympics LogoYou may or may not have heard, but this spring semester is a big deal for Cardinals concerned about sustainability on campus!  On February 7th, the annual 8-week RecycleMania challenge launched nationwide.  UofL is competing again this year and we are eager to BEAT UK!…and all the other schools in the tournament. RecyleMania is one of two simultaneous campus sustainability challenges in UofL’s Ecolympics 2016. The other kicks off today! Cards Cutting Carbon is a challenge to see which residence hall can reduce energy use the most from February 15th until March 6th.

RecycleMania 2016 LogoSo what exactly do these funky names mean? Well, RecycleMania is a competition across the nation in which universities battle to see who can reduce waste and increase recycling and composting rates the most.  All three UofL campuses (Belknap, Shelby, and the Health Sciences Center) are a part of the UofL team in RecycleMania.  What can you do to help us BEAT UK!…and get to the top of the rankings? Simply avoid using disposables and start utilizing our single-stream recycling system.  This means that you can recycle (in the any recycling bin at UofL) any type of plastic, metal, cardboard, paper and glass. Full details on what you can recycle at UofL is listed here.

Flip Me Off (no date).jpgCards Cutting Carbon is a competition between all of the residence halls on campus to see who can reduce electricity usage the most within the three week time span.  Residents can contribute directly to the effort by turning off lights/TVs/computers; unplugging anything you’re not actively using; skipping the elevator for the stairs; closing windows tightly so we’re not heating the outdoors; air drying your clothes on a rack or line; and taking shorter showers or showering with solar power instead over at the SRC!

This year, residents can be entered to win fabulous prizes simply by posting photos of themselves doing something green and using the hashtag #ULecolympics2016 on Facebook or Instagram and tagging @uoflsustainable and @ulh_inc. Prizes include a special dinner with President Ramsey or a $400 bike shopping spree for the resident who takes the most green actions in the next three weeks!

Unitas Building DashboardMake a personal commitment to reduce and keep track of each hall’s progress with UofL’s Building Dashboard! Click on the links below to see how much electricity your hall is using and to make a commitment to conserve!

  1. Bettie Johnson Hall
  2. Billy Minardi Hall
  3. Cardinal Towne
  4. The Clubhouse
  5. Community Park (real-time!)
  6. Kurz Hall (real-time!)
  7. Louisville Hall (real-time!)
  8. Miller Hall
  9. Threlkeld Hall
  10. Unitas Hall (real-time!)
  11. University Tower Apartments (UTA)

Join in the sustainable fun this spring semester and help us become a more efficient and greener campus by recycling and reducing the amount of energy you use.

Come to our Ecolympics kick-off party in the SAC multipurpose room on Monday, February 15th from 11-2 for a DJ, food, prizes, and much more sustainable fun.

How will you impact campus in a green way this spring semester? Comment below.