Have you ever been walking across campus (especially in these recent frigid cold temperatures) as someone riding a bike spins past you and you suddenly feel that your life passes before your eyes? You may either be mad at this person for scaring you..,or you may envy them because you want an efficient, fast way to get around like they have!  If you’re feeling either of these things, it might be a good idea to invest in a bike of your own…or at least try checking out one of ours for free for the day through the UofL BikeShare program.

Cyclist + ThinkerIf you are angry at passing cyclists, it’s a good idea to try riding a bike around campus yourself in order to come to understand just how nimble you can be navigating on a bike. Though it may feel like it to someone on foot, cyclists don’t actually want to hit you and are more aware of their surroundings than you may think. If you try biking around campus, you will begin to have a deeper appreciation from the perspective of being on two wheels under your own power.  If you envy this person, get a bike so that you can be just like them and no longer experience the pangs of jealousy.

Stephanie Weldy - Get Healthy Now (Fall 2013)Buying a bike is a good investment for both your health and if you maintain the habit of using it for transportation, it will save you money in the long run.  You won’t have to suffer from dropping hard-earned money on gas, parking, insurance & car maintenance…and you will get that toned body you have always wanted–the best of both worlds!

I encourage you to go to these links and check out some benefits of biking for both your health and your savings:

  1. http://www.trekstorewashington.com/articles/top-10-reasons-to-bike-instead-of-driving-pg453.htm
  2. http://www.thesimpledollar.com/walking-bicycling-driving-and-cost-effectiveness/

And, of course, biking is also a great from an environmental standpoint because it is a low-impact, pollution-free way to get around. Did you know that during its lifetime on the roads, each car produces another 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air? Biking can help to eliminate these toxic emissions. 

  1. Go here to see the other environmental benefits from biking: http://www.youcanbikethere.com/content/environmental-benefits-0

DSCN2566.JPGSo next time you see a bike rolling across campus, consider getting on two wheels yourself. There are many different bike shops in Louisville that offer a wide variety of bikes from simple cruisers to high-end performance racing bikes. Test ride a few and see what you like. You can also get a feel for the experience and different styles of bikes by checking-out a free bike for the day from the UofL BikeShare program. Just show your UofL ID at the front desk of the SRC, Community Park, Kurz Hall, Bettie Johnson Hall, Threlkeld, Miller, Unitas, or the Get Healthy Now Wellness Center.  You never know where two wheels could take you!

Take the next step and check out more information on biking here: http://louisville.edu/sustainability/sustainability-home-page/operations/bicycling-for-transportation.html

Finally, be sure to visit the SAC multipurpose room for our Ecolympics kick-off on Monday, February 15th from 11-2 to be entered into winning a bike! Happy riding 🙂