Have you ever taken a bite into a nice juicy Wendy’s hamburger?  You may have even had a large salty side of fries with it.  But you might want to start rethinking this juicy beef you are biting into before considering having another lunch date at Wendy’s. More importantly, you may want to reconsider eating at the franchise on UofL’s campus.  Recently, UofL’s Cardinal Student/Farmworker Alliance has brought to our attention the need for a boycott against Wendy’s and their unfair practices.

Have you seen that slice of red on your burger or chicken sandwich? You know the juicy tomato that might add some extra flavor to your meal? You may or may not like tomatoes, but what you should dislike is where these tomatoes in particular are coming from.  Wendy’s uses a farm filled with what are known as “modern day slaves” who only make an average income of $12,000 per year as they are paid only for each tomato they pick.

Wendy’s has been urged to sign the “Fair Food Agreement” by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers for three years and has denied each time. Students at the University of Louisville and at other universities are standing up to voice their opinions and use their economic power.  Students have attempted to talk to executives and even the franchise owner on UofL’s campus–Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman, former basketball player for the Cardinals. Students recognize the voice they have and think it is empowering to come together as a community.  They encourage us to boycott the burger and to stop eating at Wendy’s chains.  It is time for each of us to live fairly, freely, and with justice.

Will you take the pledge to stop eating at Wendy’s and opt for fair alternatives?

Don’t miss the showing of Food Chain$, a documentary about this campaign, on February 16th at 5:30 pm in the Chao Auditorium.

Check out the flyer and Louisville Cardinal article below for more information.

Wendy’s Boycott

Cardinal Student/Farmworker Alliance boycotts Wendy’s