It’s Monday which means the beginning of a long five work days ahead of you.  As you sit down and write your to-do list for the week, why not add one more thing- Meatless Monday- to the list? It’s one simple thing that may even aid in eliminating some of the stress you may be feeling today.

Meatless Monday is a global movement that was started in 2003 by Sid Lerner at Johns Hopkins University.  Currently, thirty-six countries are taking part in this movement.  It is essentially just what it sounds like– on Monday’s don’t eat meat.  There are many benefits in participating which I will outline below.

First, your health benefits. It limits cancer risk, reduces heart disease, fights diabetes, curves obesity, improves the nutritional quality of your diet, and may help you live longer.

Secondly, your wallet benefits. Both your healthcare spending and weekly budget is cut down.

Lastly, the environment benefits. Water usage is minimized and greenhouse gases and fuel use are reduced.

Get creative with this movement and cook up something quick and tasty you have never tried. It’s just one day of the week and if you and others participate, think of how much our environment can be saved.

I challenge you to visit to get more information about this global project. You can interact by reading articles, finding recipes, and learning the specific details of the benefits you can reap.

Your list for this week may seem daunting, but at least you will be starting your week off on the right foot and with a tummy full of fresh, meatless food 🙂

What is your favorite part about Meatless Monday? Comment below! meatless_monday_copy